Putin arrives in Finland – a whole town near the border is closed down, and Finns should be thankful for St. Petersburg’s sewage system…

Today is crazy day in Finland when Putin arrives to listen to the opera in Savonlinna.

The small town of Savonlinna has been closed down and “emptied”. People probably need a visa to enter, and you are not allowed to stand on your apartment’s balcony there! Residents have been warned by a note in their letterbox from the military police that they are forbidden to use their balconies while Putin takes  stroll in town – UNBELIEVABLE.

The second crazy thing is that the biggest newspaper carried a story that we should be thankful that our “special relationship” with Russia because of 2 big projects:

  1. The railway between Helsinki and St. Petersburg was built on time, after a shorter than longer delay. The railway is a nice way to travel there from Helsinki but it is not exactly something to be thankful for because we paid the cost of our own side and have much nicer trains than the Russian ones!
  2. The second thing we should be thankful for, according to Helsingin Sanomat, is the St. Petersburg sewage plant that stopped the River Neva from polluting the Baltic Sea. The project was delayed for years by Russian interference, like many other Nordic projects in Ruissia, but the construction companies percevered. The Nordic countries patiently built and covered some of the costs ” while Putin & Co. were busy occupying Ukraine and building a bigger military with nuclear bombs and missiles…

Thanks you so much… Diplomacy is wonderful these days with Putin, Trump and Junker… all elected officials…

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