Silly week in politics – Bikes and transgender soldiers? Why do we have such politicians?

The US and Finland have hit new summer highs with 2 meaningless proposals that are distracting voters attention from things that really matter.

The first is that the Finnish Transport Minister has decided that we all need to dump our cars and public transport here in Finland and cycle to work.

For that she will give us a huge tax break of something like €0.01 for each kilometre! That way Finland will reach its climate change targets…

Now, your correspondent and friends do use their bike every day to go to the office but getting 2.5 million Finns and the Tax Authorities interested in cycling all year and setting up a new piece of software to allow something like €500 000 in a tax credit is an impossible and meaningless mission. We have 6 months of cold weather with sleet, sludge, snow and ice on almost every bike lane, and Finnish drivers are married to their cars, so I cannot see that this will ever happen.

This policy measure is about the same as Trump’s tweeted proposal to ban transgender soldiers. If a person has decided to change his or her gender and then decided to join the army then God bless them. That shows courage and determination, much more than the weak minded man at the top can ever show. His proposal is also a ruse to divert attention away from his massive, his hugest, his biggest incompetence at acting as a leader.

It is interesting to consider why such a person can be elected to such a position and surround himself with similar failures.

In the US doctors, lawyers, bankers and people in weapons, energy, real estate and insurance make huge amounts of money cheating and hassling customers. Just consider that healthcare costs per person are more than DOUBLE that of Finland. All of these “professional people” naturally vote for the political party that keeps their vested interests protected. It is also natural to vote for those you know so it should be no surprise that ex-bankers,  ex-military, ex-energy, ex-insurance, ex-doctors are all sitting happily next to a real estate mogul, or should we call him a real estate oligarch?

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