Swedish government has resolved things smartly – with firm resolve

This morning’s announcement of the resignation of 2 ministers in Stockholm, and the firm stand taken by the Prime Minister, Mr. Löfven, that he will continue to run the country’s government, appears to have removed doubts about a political crisis during the coming months.

It is clear that the opposition right wing is in disarray, and the Swedish Democrats (ultra-nationalists) are far too extreme to be trusted except by the nutcase minority that vote for them.

Mr. Löfven recognises that Europe is facing challenges from Trump, Russia, protectionism, immigration, Poland, Hungary and Junker/Tusk. You cannot solve these problems by hocus-pocus magic changing of the guard. The present government is as good as it gets and looking at their figures, Sweden is doing very well even though they have record numbers of immigrants per capita and even though there has been an unpleasant hike in house prices in Stockholm.

Employment, the government’s finances, exports and the basic services are all running smoothly. These good numbers are the result of a series of many governmental measures from past and present governments to maintain a strong and diversified private sector with plenty of support for SME’s. The present government just happens to have a left/central make-up compared to the last center/right government block before.

The difference in the politics is paper thin, although the rhetoric of the opposition is always more extreme – more extreme, that is, until they win the next election!

Naturally the ultra-rich Swedish “pensioners” who receive tax-free pensions partying and playing golf in Portugal would like to have a right-wing government in place with a lot more blue-eyed, blond haired folk dancing in the streets as opposed to the new Swedes with their darker complexions – but such is life.

These new folk know how to work hard, and are grateful for the protection afforded by Sweden to their families. These new folk have no objection to starting life again, working hard and paying their taxes, as should those greedy pensioners who slumber on sandy beaches and waste everybody’s time complaining about high taxation, immigration and socialism in Sweden, where they choose not to live anymore…

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