Swedish government is having a hard time with leaks of secret data

Sweden is one of the richest and well ordered countries in the world and democracy works smoothly and efficiently.

But sometimes their well-oiled machine goes haywire, not because they are stupid, but because they trust the big companies too much.

You will recall that the government there outsourced the management of data collection of some defence, traffic vehicles and policing matters to IBM, that huge American giant that like CGI, Amazon, Microsoft, Google all run huge dat enters called Clouds.

The data is stored inside “safe data centres” that are connected to the internet through controlled systems that encrypt it as soon as it is entered into the system for the first time. Only those people with special access rights can see and use the data in its original form.

Well, Mr- IBM is not a small company and they operate in all sorts of places that are cheap and nasty. The lower the cost of wages for the poor workers, the bigger the profit for the bosses in New York. And so they data that IBM was handling for the Swedes ended up in Serbia where some young fellow decided to sell it or something like that and suddenly some of the the country’s secrets were spread over the internet like Beyonce’s bosoms.

This has led to a ministerial disaster because ultimately the ministers are responsible for the correct handling of data and the country’s secrets.

The problem is that it involves the ministers of past and present governments.

Possibly there will be resignations, but perhaps Sweden needs a major political clean up to purge those self-satisfied men and women who have just got too used to sitting in large black cars with bodyguards hanging on to their bumpers…

What is wrong with this world that ordinary politicians need all this protection at taxpayers’ expense?

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