FinnishNews was founded by Nicholas Anderson, a British born banker and journalist, who has lived in Finland for over 30 years, as well as living and working in 6 other countries in Europe, Asia and in the USA.

A number of freelance thinkers and journalists assist pro bona to write fresh news and articles of interest.

FinnishNews is a web-based and totally independent newspaper that covers news from and about Finland. We also have other Nordic content and important stories and columns about society, the environment and politics and we also produce occasional articles on global matters with a Nordic perspective.

We have a strong Nordic viewpoint – one which respects democracy, the rule of law, sustainable and transparent policies.

We have seen that there is an obvious need for such a newspaper:

  1. Non-Finnish speakers are some 6 billion while Finnish speakers are less than 6 million!
  2. Together the other Nordic countries make up less than 25 million people out of the 500 million in the EU.

The world does not see enough about Finland and its Nordic neighbors, its companies, innovations and politics.

We cover politics, business, innovations from SME’s and larger companies, and when interesting, restaurants, shops, design, culture and cultural events as well as news not covered by the international media.

FinnishNews works with contributors, like freelance columnists, journalists, authors, think tanks, SME’s with innovative products, chambers of commerce, universities, research units, and articles and news translated from the Nordic press.

Nicholas Anderson

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