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Leader 20.10.2017 – Honesty in business – when CEO’s have no investment in big companies and take on other work!

Leader 11.09.2017 – Juncker’s State of the Union speech is reckless

Leader 8.9.2017 – Artificial Intelligence is not a dream, but possibly a nuclear bomb. Education is the only path to a safe future

Leader 16.6.2017 – Brexit – a really bad path which leads to a post-war Britain – thankfully Finland does not have this madness…

Oped – 6.6.17 – Sitting in a tram and who do Americans think they are? 

Leader 12.5.2017 – The Finnish government is also encouraging dishonesty…

Leader – 22.4.2017 – Brexit, and the snap election, result is falling Foreign Direct Investment

Leader – 3.4.2017 – People want to live in Helsinki (it’s lovely) and politicians should stop trying to stop the flow…

Leader – 20.3.2017 – Can you hear me Mr. Government? Many older folk do not or cannot use Internet… They need respect

Leader -12.3.2017 – What is the meaning of “Populist” in Finland?

Leader – 9.3.2017 – Banks fined for crooked selling of investment products – just the tip of the iceberg

Leader – 2.3.2017 – Who are you?

Leader – 3.1.2017 – Broken promises…

Leader – 27.11.2016 – Finland’s main newspaper is Guggenheim’s lover!

Leader 15.11.2016 – The Finnish government calls it “Reform” – a better word is “Expensive Revolution”

Leader 9.11.2016 – The Nordic countries must show that education reduces political risks

Leader 22.9.2016 – Perceptions about Finland from Kigali – a long way from Helsinki!

Leader – 15.9.2016 – Big companies – their boards don’t know what’s going on… here too!

Leader – 22.08.2016 – It is childish to trust the policing of public sector actors and private companies that “sell” basic services

Leader – 13.08.2016 – Shocking news – Center Party candidate refuses to take political job appointment…

Leader -16.7.2016 – Selling drugs in Finland (apteekit) is a lovely monopoly protected by Neo-Liberals

 Leader – 1.7.2016 – Brits and their politicians behave like alcoholics

Leader – 26.6.2016 – Stealth politics is the casualty of Brexit – and that is good…

Leader – 24.6.2016 – Let’s scream now for reforming the EU

Leader – 21.6.2016. Financial Supervisor note reveals Nordea Bank’s huge capital shortfall – what else?

Leader 20.6.2016. The elderly in Finland need an active independent Ombudsman

Leader – 8.6.2016 – Liberal Transport Minister wants Big Brother to track your car

Leader – 7.5.2016 – Clueless Greek drama from Finnish Finance Minister

Leader – 24.4.2016 – Finnish Transport Minister wants to privatize taxation!

Leader – 2.4.2016 – The private sector has no monopoly on efficiency

Leader – 25.03.2016 – Less money for education, or fewer municipalities? It’s an obvious choice…

Leader 19.03.2016 – Finnish Ex-PM offered Supervisory Board position at Sberbank

Leader 15.032016 – Finland’s incompetent “managers” extract rent and keep unemployment high.

Leader 4.3.2016 – Failed reforms of healthcare and collective bargaining…

Leader 22.02.2016 – Another failed attempt at finding Social and Healthcare Reform (SOTE)

Leader 17.02.2016 – Perceptions about learning languages

Leader 13.02.2016 -Why Finland’s health care reform will probably not work out as planned

Leader 21.01.2016 – Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s largest newspaper, has just published a new gallup on Finnish Politics

Leader 15.01.2016 – Connecting People


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