Finnish Posti decided to stop post coming on Tuesdays. Next they will decide to stop the post coming on Wednesday, etc…

The Finnish government owns the postal services with a company called “Posti”.

Posti pays the CEO a lot of money to run and develop the business there – but it appears that he is paid so much that the Post cannot afford to deliver the post on Tuesdays.

Can you imagine what would happen if a grocer’s store near you decided to close 3 days a week?

It would soon be losing customers so fast that they would have to close down for ever!

Posti is one of those cosy monopolies that UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc compete with and beat easily because they have professional and dedicated management.

It is quite clear that many of the working folk at Posti are smart and hard-working but that still does not make the company efficient or successful.

Giving up deliveries for 43% of the week is about as crazy as you can get. Let’s remember that shops have been clamouring for years to be open 7 days a week and some 24/7/365. Now that is possible through the only smart measure this government has introduced so far.

Now Posti have decided to abdicate their basic responsibility but not delivering papers and post every weekday.

Some people in the government seem to think this is fine because we don’t need (according to them) to read material printed on paper, but many of us prefer paper editions and we like to receive letters and invoices on paper. Emails get clogged up with so much rubbish that sending or receiving an invoice can easily lead to non-payment and that is always followed by threats of eternal damnation…

…and we miss over half of the important news when we read a thick national newspaper or magazine on our screens – the cost savings for digital solutions are non-existent and most of us still prefer to read the morning paper over coffee in paper format.

Have you looked through any digital newspaper recently – the adverts are jumping at you will a vengeance…

Posti needs better management and they need to get their house in order.

They need somebody who understands service, who is able to develop new services like the Swiss, or the Japanese, or even the Brits who all still love their Posti even though it has been partly privatized…

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