Leader 7.8.2017 – Why music and education are the keys to humanity

Your correspondent has played the violin and always been fascinated by Daniel Barenboim, the Argentinian-Jewish pianist and conductor. I can recall how in June 1967, Barenboim and British cellist Jacqueline du Pré were married in Jerusalem. It was something that stuck in my mind because I saw her play in the Proms in 1963, where she performed Elgar Concerto with Sir Malcolm Sargent. She died later in 1987 from multiple sclerosis (MS).

In July this year Barenboim conducted in the London Proms again and gave this speech. It is a moving speech about the importance of music, of humanity, and of education.

Barenboim has been actively fighting hard for solving humanity’s challenges  can be solved by more education, the best investment any person and all countries can make. This is the essence of his wonderful speech.




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