Dear Readers of FinnishNews/NordicWeek – I am taking a break…

After almost 3 years I have decided to have a break from publishing FinnishNews/NordicWeek during the month of December.

The month is a time when everyone needs to slow down and take a look at life to decide what are the things you really want to do – time is always scarce no matter how old you are!

I have just turned 70 years old, and there are still many things I want to do before passing into that infinite universe. 

Just look at the night stars and consider the recent discovery of the most distant GN-z11. It is currently the oldest and most distant known galaxy in the observable universe. It is a very small and very distant from earth – 32 billion light years away.

That is how I see where FinnishNews/NordicWeek has positioned itself in this small part of the global media market. It is very small compared to the global giants but never-the-less it has been doing something like GN-z11 – readership numbers have grown really well this last 3 years in the Nordic countries, in the rest of Europe, America and Asia. Although the numbers have been terrific and well over my expectations, its gravitational pull is minuscule!

FinnishNews/NordicWeek has been fortunate to have had great independent and thoughtful writers from Finland and Sweden and I thank them for their selfless pro bono work.

For my part recent management of FinnishNews/NordicWeek started to become very intensive, and I started to feel that it was taking up too much time, when there are so many other things that I want to pursue – financial advisory work, investments in small growing companies, writing a monthly column for Forum för ekonomi och teknik, learning Mandarin, and sharing time with families and friends.

So for now, may I wish you Happy Thoughtful Reading, Take Action Yourself on Climate Change  and Careful Voting, no matter wherever you are in this universe!

Nicholas Anderson

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