Irresponsible Statements on Climate Change

The Secretary General of the United Nations World Meteorological Organization, Peteri Taalas, appears to be contradicting solid scientific evidence… The Finnish PhD scientist has written a piece for one of the lighter tabloids here that hits well below the belt, to use a commonly used boxing phrase.

He starts his column by admitting that we have seen record temperatures in Canada, Italy, Alaska and in Siberia and that German flooding would not have occurred without the effects of climate change. Furthermore, his own World Meteorological Organization has seen growth in global concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. It also notes that deforestation of the Amazon rainforest has become a source of carbon instead of the being a carbon sinkhole.

However, he then states that the IPCC has reported “good news” that we are not moving towards a 3C to 5C degree warming by the end of this century, but to a 2.5C to 3.0C degree number! Where is the good news when we are meant to cap increases in temperatures to 1.5C!

He then criticises a “small group of scientists” who talk about “dramatic prospects for the future of our planet”. However, the report of the IPCC to which he refers is full of noted potential dangers. He also contradicts several new studies that report a slow down in the Gulf Stream.

More concerning is his positive view that a growing number of car manufacturers are investing in climate-friendly technology. Does he really believe that this group of fossil fuel dependents are really going to solve Climate Change challenges? It is absolutely certain that they will continue to produce record number of ordinary fossil-based cars over the next decade!

Then the best for last! He really does seem to believe in fairies when he states that the Glasgow Climate Conference is going to produce real solutions by the rich industrialised countries because “they have expressed a commitment to a one-and-a-half-degree emissions path and will reduce their emissions significantly already this decade.” Nobody believes that will actually happen without major changes in political decisions which seem very unlikely today.

We have the right to expect more from people who are mean to lead the fight against Climate Change!

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