Wanted Person:

This Russian man, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, is wanted for the following war crimes in Ukraine, a sovereign state where his has ordered a brutal invasion by his armies:

  1. Bombing schools, hospitals, shopping centres, railways stations and bunkers where civilians (non-military men women and children) are present.
  2. Allowing his male soldiers to rape children, women, and men – yes this list is correct.
  3. Allowing his soldiers to kill and torture unarmed civilians.
  4. Allow the indiscriminate use of weapons of mass destruction to destroy cities, towns and villages

According to media reports, he is totally unrepentant because he has crowned himself after the Russian Czar Peter the Great Nicholas warlord who also invaded Ukraine around 1700.

The Russian army led by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has no right to attack Ukraine, a country where Russia has no legal right to send its army to perform atrocities against the general population of Ukraine.

If you see Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin please call the police so that he can be arrested and sent for trial.

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