A Terrible Show of Western Weakness

The meeting between Trump and Orban in Florida is the continuance of the nightmarish theatre  being performed on the open stage in front of our eyes.

Trump says that he can “stop the war in one day”, and Orban dares to smile when he says that Trump “will not give a penny to Ukraine’s war effort if elected”!

It is beyond belief that these two grown men, in positions of influence in the West, can express such opinions.

It throws a dark shadow on Hungary’s political leadership and on the Republican Party.

Democracy as we understand it within Nato, the European Union, or the United States of the America must be protected from despots, no matter the cost.

Photos: Wikipedia CC BY-SA 4.0 DEED – “Trump” rawpixel.com / U.S. Department of State   & “Orban” by Steffen Prößdorffor

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