“FinnishNews” Will Soon Close & In Comes “forumNordic”

As the sole Owner and Editor-in-Chief of Finnish News, I have decided to close down the site in June after 8 years of publishing almost continuously with a group of journalists and other supporters who have been working pro bona for all this time in Finland and Sweden.

Our success is self-evident in that we now have registered over 300 000 regular readers in the Nordics, in other parts of Europe, in the USA, with smaller numbers in Australia and Asia.

Interest in the Nordic system is self-evident – we have a high standard of living, in a safe and clean environment where most of us enjoy universal education, low-cost healthcare, the fruits of democracy, the rule of law, and equal opportunities from birth to the grave.

The reason is simple for the closure of FinnishNews is that, together with a few colleagues, we have planned and launched a new site called https://forumnordic.com that concentrates on what we do best – Nordic Innovations that keep the Nordic countries productive and competitive.

It is a commercial site – free for readers, free of advertisements, but at a low cost for our corporate, scientific, and technology clients.

Please start to use it and request a weekly newsletter!

Here are some more details about forumNordic:


fN is the resurrection of Finland’s “Forum för ekonomi och Teknik” (Forum), a Swedish language monthly business magazine that was founded originally as “Mercator” by a wealthy Swedish-speaking Finn called Amos Anderson in 1906.

Amos later founded Konstsamfundet, a Swedish-speaking cultural foundation that is an important institutional investor that was the last owner of Forum before being sold off to Hbl, the largest Swedish language daily newspaper in Finland, also partial owned by Konstsamfundet.

The Founders

The founders of fN are journalists & board members of forumNordic with decades of experience as entrepreneurs, writers and communicators. They are Patrik Lindfors, a former Editor-in-Chief of Forum, Nicholas Anderson, an investor and professional board member who wrote monthly columns for Forum over 20 years, and Christer Granlycke, an experienced media consultant and writer. Our full CV’s can be seen on our respective Linkedin sites:

                • Nicholas Anderson, Partner       Linkedin
                • Patrik Lindfors, Partner              Linkedin
                • Christer Granlycke, Partner        Linkedin

  What is forumNordic?

fN is a digital platform that promotes the visibility of Nordic Innovations to the global readers who are aware of the Nordics’ reputation for high living standards and recognize the crucial role of innovation in achieving unparalleled productivity.

Content of fN

fN is a single digital source covering Nordic innovations in business, technology, science, and politics that promotes visibility of these innovations to global audiences in a cost-efficient manner.

Readers & Markets

There is an enormous interest in the Nordics from knowledgeable readers around the globe because of Nordic innovations and achievements who have access to this free site covering these innovations in English (70%) and Swedish (30%).

We are targeting decision makers who follow the Nordics for developing their businesses, students and skilled workers who are considering study and employment opportunities in the Nordics.


fN introduces News as a Service (NaaS) for customers like companies and public bodies based on modest annual fees for a specific number of independently and professionally written articles. Our journalists plan and write each article with the customers, for which fN takes full responsibility.

Investors & Partners

We are backed a the above small group of founders and are currently looking for a few institutional investors who understand our media activities and other partners who can help us grow the numbers of customers and our readership base.

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