Private Healthcare Failure of Aged in Finland

Care of aged by big private healthcare companies have been the biggest growth activity in Finland, something that the last government has openly encouraged.

The results of this policy have been dreadful for many of the patients of these companies. Disgusting practices have been revealed by the media, like the following documented misdemeanours:

  1. Patients have been left for days in wet and dirty nappies. 
  2. Patients have not been able to have regular showers.
  3. Patients have not received their prescribed medicines
  4. Patients have not received professional treatment – untrained taxi drivers and security folk have been caring for patients because trained staff is not present as agreed.

The list was much longer but is forced the government inspectors to react to the complaints of family members. Previously family members, staff, and patients were afraid of complaining for fear of reprisals.

The largest private healthcare companies received warnings and some lost their contracts. The big companies apologised and promised to employ more staff and improve their quality controls…

Yes, the media said, we have done our job and now things will get better…

Well the opposite is happening after the dust has settled. Two of the biggest companies operating in Finland, have announced that they have posted profit warnings and one has said that it will be cutting staff numbers! The other one will probably follow suit.

Cutting staff is exactly the opposite to what they promised – so much for empty promises…

For the record, municipal run care homes were also caught cutting corners and not fulfilling their obligations to patients under their care. The heads of these municipalities are equally to blame.

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