A Bright Finnish Politician Replaced by Groping Dullards

Finland has lost one of its best Prime Ministers of the last six decades. She did a good job of representing the people, she put Finland on the European and US map, played a good game with our President, who also flourished with her, and she did good work to manage both Covid and our response to Putin’s madness – we joined NATO. She spoke well and clearly and read reports, unlike former US President. Her political career was not ruined in last April’s elections – she received a good number of votes but her party, the Social Democrats only came third with just small two percentage point gap behind the Conservatives and one percentage point behind the True Finns.

Finns let the party with the largest number of parliamentary seats to form a government, even when the top three only got an average of 23% each. The Conservatives (Kookomus) got 24%, the True Finns 23% and the SDPs 22%. It is a tight race to get to sit in a ministerial car with a nice salary, especially if no other jobs are available for these political broilers.

The Conservatives have now been trying to get a right-wing coalition together with the True Finns. These two do not have a majority and therefore no clear mandate from voters – so they have been trying hard to squeeze two small 5% parties – two toddlers who swim easily from right to left – to join the coalition to claim a majority in Parliament! But after 4 weeks of efforts, they are left with empty promises from the True Finns who only want to exit the EU, avoid allowing foreigners to come to Finland, and to deny that Climate Change is happening.

If the Conservatives are able to form a government with the True Finns it will be a short-lived marriage that will bring Finland into disrepute because we need free trade access to EU’s common market, we desperately need workers of all types to assist our economy that is facing an aging crisis… and if you cannot see glaciers melting, European floods, incredible heat waves, forest fires and refugees fleeing from Wagner’s murderous gangs then you must be a complete idiot…

We have already seen what the True Finns are up to, but their malfeasance falls on Mr. Orpo’s blind eyes because he just wants to be Prime Minister for a day or two…

Mr. Orpo is the little chap with glasses and a worn suit, who smiles to keep journalist believing that he is in control when all is lost and he knows it! He is the person, who for the time being, is trying to lead the Conservatives – another May, but not a Thatcher.

The head of the True Finns, Ms. Purra, smiles when she is cutting Orpo’s throat – whatever happens in the next few days, no good will come from this coalition which is nothing more than a Faustian alliance.

Dullness has spread its stormy clouds over Finland, and we are in for four more bilious years at sea…

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