A Coward Like Putin Speaks

Here is a balanced view on the situation in Ukraine from the Kremlin spokesperson is Mr. Dmitry Peskov, who made the following statements today, 1.3.22:

“Russian troops are not attacking civil infrastructure or population as part of the special operation. It’s ruled out. We are only talking about demilitarisation of Ukraine, about military objects. In many cases, fire comes from the nationalist groups that use civilian objects as a shield,” he said.

He told reporters that the Kremlin continued to recognise Volodymyr Zelensky as the president of Ukraine, and would not interfere with future presidential elections.

“The Kremlin has nothing to do with elections in Ukraine. The Kremlin cannot participate in Ukrainian elections. It’s a different country…”

To balance the above “balanced view”, we can see on our screens and in our newspapers that the Russian Government has ordered over one hundred thousand Russian troops to invade Ukraine and has started indiscriminate bombing of men, women and children in Ukraine with Thermobaric Weapons, thousands of tanks and Ballistic Missiles.

You can see that Putin & Co. are hiding from plain sight because they are too scared to show themselves.

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