A Despot’s Banker is Just a Guilty

The Financial Times published this story this week about the head of Russia’s Central bank which led with the following headline:

“Elvira Nabiullina, a technocrat plunged into chaos at Russia’s central bank”

According the to FT, she has not commented on Putin’s invasion of Ukraine… but the FT states that: 

“some of her stunned friends believe she shares their horror at events in Ukraine.”

And they print that a professor in Paris says about her: 

“She thinks this job is important for Russian citizens and that she does it better than anyone else, which is not unlikely. So she needs to be loyal to Putin and not step down. If she starts speaking against Putin, she will be kicked out and will not be able to help the Russian people.”

Why does a British newspaper want to write about her as if she is just caught up by accident?

Is there something special about her that absolves her from blame along with the other men and women who are part of Putin’s inner gang of people who support him with dreadful lies?

She must have known what he has done during the last 20 years in Chechen, in Georgia, in Moldova, in Syria with deadly chemical weapons, in the UK with nerve agents, etc. She is just as guilty as Putin and deserves to be locked up along with the rest of them.

Nobody has plunged her into chaos… that was her decision when she took the job as the despot’s banker. 

She cannot be absolved just because “she was taking orders…”

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