A Few Comments about Corona Stuff…

According to the White House the USA is like a Banana Republic because their latest predictions models give a warning that the number of virus deaths will be between 100,000 to 200,000. In relation to population size this is more than 1.5 to 3 times greater than the terrible result seen in Italy. You should not expect the world’s most powerful and richest country to have such a result, although with the present leader and his Republican Party this should come as no surprise.

The number of experts – real, fake, political, media, neighbours, grumpy old men – it distressing because we have nothing else to listen to, read about and watch…

We learn every day that more and more people are suffering from no work/no pay, small companies and freelancers have no safety nets, schools closed and children at home, old folk scared to walk outside.

Then we hear that the Central Bank and Finnvera is supporting banks and companies that have access to banks with loans with huge amounts of money – more than €10 billion! Many small companies and start-ups have no access to the banks and the money for them is too small, takes too long to receive and is subject to repayments that they can ill afford to make because they have already lost three months gross income or spent they small cash reserves! These people need grants and they need them now.

If the companies disappear the financial losses means that these people have nothing to start again.

Sweden and Denmark are not doing so well with the virus compared to the other Nordic countries Finland and Norway. The difference is small but all four are able to show robust results because the populations are following the guidance handed down by our governments. 

Look at this spreadsheet again:

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

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