A Letter from Bloom to Finland

In the far Northeast corner of Europe, a vast land covered by trees, lakes and swamps rests peacefully. Caught between Scandinavia and the East European Plain, this country finds itself somewhat isolated. Its language is nothing like its border-sharing neighbours and its population is small, but homogenic. Historic superpowers formerly fought for this land and left its population reduced to suppressed peasantry. But just over 103 years ago, it finally claimed its independence – the country we today officially know as Finland. 

In March 2021, Finland was once again named happiest country in the world according to the UN-sponsored World Happiness Report. Being a member of the United Nations, the European Union and the Nordic Passport Union, Finland has prioritised international cooperation – and in the latter case, worked closely with its Nordic neighbours to introduce and maintain the welfare state that makes it an attractive country to not only stay in for the natives, but also to move to for foreigners. 

Quality higher education attracts foreign talent, and the innovative tech-based industry makes them stay. Big companies, such as Nokia, have for many years attracted people from all over the globe to settle and enjoy the unique nature and culture Finland has to offer. 75 percent of the country consists of forests and more than 150 000 lakes adorn the landscape of this sparsely populated Nordic paradise. 

However, given that more than 92 percent of the population happen to be ethnic Finns, there is still a gap between foreigners residing in Finland and ethnic Finns. Integrating into a country with such a homogenous population proves to be a challenge in Nordic countries generally. In a globalised world where individuals move across borders more frequently for educational, professional or personal reasons, this gap only becomes wider. Not only do individuals move, so do educational institutions and companies – yet in a figurative sense. Trade moves across borders, and Finland is a part of the internal European market, meaning that educational institutions and companies more frequently use English as the main working language. Furthermore, professionals not only need a place of work, but also a place of community. A home away from home. 

Such developments only increase the demand of a space where internationals living in Finland and international-minded ethnic Finns can meet to create friendships across cultures and learn valuable soft skills that benefit personal, social and professional development. This is where Bloom comes into the picture with a mission to provide a cosy members-only ‘living room’ space where people can meet, socialise and grow together. Bloom facilitates this gathering through its attractive and central location of Kehräsaari in the heart of Tampere, where people can gather during its opening hours, but also through weekly events ranging from fun quiz nights to empowering workshops for personal and professional development. The membership also entails a wide range of discounts to its members not only at Bloom, but also with its partners. 

Bloom launches its space at Kehräsaari on March 30, 2021 and welcomes everyone who is looking for a space to have fun, socialise and grow personally and professionally.

We hope to bloom in an area near you in the future. Learn more about us at www.bloomtogether.fi.

By the Bloom ry

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