A New Format for NordicWeek & FinnishNews

Responses from readers of NordicWeek & FinnishNews has been significant these last 4 years – readership numbers have grown well and branched out to all the corners of the globe. We have introduced a few leading independent writers from the Nordic countries and will continue to shine a light on what is important.

I want to thank readers for their interest and feedback, but to continue to successfully compete for your time and interest we have decided to limit the number of critical and intelligent articles each week that concentrate on the most important social, economic and political subjects:

  1. There is great interest in the Nordic Model and how we go about our business.
  2. We know that smart and socially inclusive solutions for education, healthcare and the environment are sustainable and cost efficient…
  3. … and we know that we can create safe and secure advanced societies with high living standards based on trust.

We are far from the “socialist states” and other forms of repressive government. Welfare is understood to be a pillar of democracy because most Nordic folk have enough knowledge and understanding of our “tried-and-tested” solutions. But we are not complacent or static – major reforms are introduced over the decades alongside many regular smaller tweaks when necessary.

Central government, the decentralized regional government (municipalities), the private and the third sectors, all contribute in a responsible manner. The system is not perfect but is works well and that is clearly recognized by so many leading thinkers outside the Nordics.

How else can you explain how these northern countries, with a tiny population of just 25 million and a harsh climate, have managed so well in these tough global markets?

So read on, and we welcome you continue to send feedback to info@finnishnews.fi

Happy New Year!

Nicholas Anderson, Editor-in-chief


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