Merkel & Macron should not decide EU policy…

The election of Macron is no guarantee that the future of the EU will stabilise into a more sustainable and promising block. In fact quite the opposite is in sight for Nordic countries who are being sidelined by the new Franco-German Pact of Ever Greater Friendship!

The EU is managed by Junker and Tusk and it is quite clear today that they do not enjoy much support from people living in EU member states. They are not elected, nor do they have a mandate to speak on behalf of national governments on our matters of state.

No head of state of any EU member has the right or the authority to  to speak on behalf of national governments on our individual matters of state. They can always make proposals about the future of EU, but all proposals need to be discussed together, openly and transparently.

The process will always be long and rather hard because there are just too many countries today in the club!

Up until now small groups of big countries have tried to guide and bully policy to suit their own interests but this type of behaviour has reached an impasse because there are so many conflicting interests.

The Euro Zone is a mess because members are not following the rules that were agreed at the  start, and national banking interests are taking precedence over economic stability:

  1. Germany and Greece are at 2 extremes that cannot be reconciled easily. Germany & Co. demands austerity and wants to believe that Greeks can afford to repay their ballooning debt, while the the other Eurozone countries and the IMF try their best to achieve a coherent policy for Greece!
  2. Nobody in the Zone is trying to force Germany to invest more in infrastructure and spend more on consumption. They preach austerity and saving which cuts to the heart of growth in the EU.
  3. France, Spain and Italy, the other big 3, get to break EuroZone rules by having excessive deficits all the time, and France now wants special freedom to keep its deficit high for many future years now they have a EU-friendly President!

Macron believes he can change the way French play their politics, and now he is asking for a EuroZone Finance Minister and Euro Zone Eurobond issuance. On top of this he and Merkel are planning a French German Summit and even talking about EU Treaty changes…

The French and the Germans already enjoy the fruits of the Common Agriculture Policy where huge sum of money and subsidies are being pumped into supporting local agriculture. The fruits of this protectionism is not healthy because agriculture is not open to competition and open markets.

Poland and Hungary no longer have governments that respect EU values and are bruising the rule of law in their own countries. Nothing happens because, we are told, that Germany treated these countries badly some 60 years ago and any action to discipline these countries leaders could lead to unwanted “consequences”. Naturally the rest of us must live with the fact that democracy has been damaged in these 2 countries, and we are still paying huge sums to support these autocrats in their dirty business.

Merkel and Macron are said to be going on the attack against the UK – something that PM May probably deserves but that is hardly in the Nordic interest, nor in the long-term interests of the EU, when real EU reforms are needed – and needed urgently to restore credibility in the eyes of the electorate.

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