A Simple Wager for Smart People

Every day economists and political commentators spend pages of words analysing Trump’s actions. Most of it is a waste of time for readers.

The man is nothing special except that he has a big ego that has been nurtured by Daddy’s money.

In Finland he would be described as a bully and nothing more. He would have been ignored but when large part of America live off the yellow media – that great dumbing down force that makes lots of money by selling fats, sugar, flour, alcohol, porn and religion to these people – then people like him become “popular”.

He plays to them, but is not supported by the rest of the world, with the exception of places like the UK that now operates on similar lines! Can anyone else in the free democratic world watch and listen to Ms. Elizabeth and keep a straight face when she “opens” Parliament. 

Now for the wager – FinnishNews editors are willing to bet that the Chinese government have no intention of having any new trade deal with Trump. They have no interest in having him re-elected, so that means that they will do nothing to pursue a conclusion to these negotiations.

They may lose a few year’s of growth, but the Communist Party does not worry about small matters like that. They worry more about holding on to power and making sure that there are no big protests that could dislodge them.

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