A Video that May Cost His Life?


This video from Aleksei Navalnyi presents a picture of Russia under President Putin that may have serious consequences for the EU, the USA and for many other parts of the world.

It is difficult for Europeans to understand why a person would want to return to such a country after producing such a detailed and damming film. when the risks of persecution and even death are self-evident.

Most people in Europe have seen plenty of evidence of the high levels of corruption in Russia in construction, banking, and even in sports! It shows us nothing new…  but, one can ask the question how will the EU, or the large EU member states, react to the sensational claims evidenced by many documents when it has attracted so much interest!

Will projects like Nord Stream 2 will be stopped, or will there be stronger sanctions made against Russia?

There are many reasons that this may be the result:

  1. The film was made in Germany, with the assistance of German experts, after the German government had intervened to save his life in a German hospital, following his attempted murder with military grade nerve agents.
  2. The matter of the Russian invasion of Crimea has not been resolved.
  3. The Russian involvement in the shooting down of a civil airline over Ukraine has been ascertained by the Dutch government.
  4. All of the important European nations, including Germany, have condemned Russia’s decision to imprison Mr. Navalnyi on his return to Moscow this week. 

On the other hand, we already know what Russia is like and that the film does not really expose anything new. With Merkel retiring, will she just sweep this under the carpet? Will her successor, Mr. Laschet, want to start a new cold war with Russia as one of his first big foreign policy moves? As a practicing catholic he may want to take the moral high ground and gently slap Putin’s wrist. Germany badly needs to sell more Mercedes and get that cheap Russian gas to fuel their factories… Macron will also want to keep on selling French wines, and the Italians have already furnished Putin’s palace… as seen in that film. One can be cynical and realistic…

The video is interesting because we can reflect on how Europe was run by the British, French, Dutch, Belgian, Swedish, Danish and Prussian monarchies many decades ago. They all had, and many still have, the same tastes for fine living in similar palaces where they can idle away their lives in luxury at the expense of ordinary Europeans, many of whom cannot afford decent housing, basic heating and nutritious food today…

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