American and Finnish Postal Hell

Some 5 years ago the Finnish Prime Minister appointed a fellow entrepreneur as Transport Minister, and she took the job with a great fanfare that she will improve productivity of the Post Office and the Finnish Railways by waving her magic privatization wand.

She planned the privatization of the post office and the railways – a consultants wet dream where Copy Past recommandations could be used with great haste and gusto now that the UK had just finished doing just that… The Minister saw herself as the Mrs. Thatcher of Finland who would reduce the power of the trade unions to piles of ashes.

She certainly got lots of piles of ashes, mainly from burning the reports of these failed policies.

None of her great plans ever came to anything although the Finnish Women’s Institute loved her because she appeared to be so powerful.

The only thing she did finish was a Childrens’ Hospital which cost much more than planned and took longer to build than planned. It was nice but the main money came from taxpayers and not from private donations from people and companies who never like paying their due taxes!

Her majestic move on the Post Office was to stop having the mail delivered on Tuesdays and having some hardworking postmen see their pay cut by around one-fifth.

Trump of course has his own plans to stop the Post Office from delivering Democratic postal votes in the November election by getting his pal, a rich Republic donor who invests in companies that compete with the US Postal Services, the nice job to lead and break up the US Postal Services.


How many leaders of the EU are planning to place trade sanctions on the US and other restrictions on Republican Party leaders if Trump wins?


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