… and Putin Hides in his Bunker!

The above photo graph shows President Putin in his darkened bunker that has very thick walls of steel and concrete deep below the ground.

 (Sorry for the quality of the photo but he turned off the lights…)

This is where he spends his days in glorious isolation – he does not come out much, not like good honest political leaders.

It is shameful that the President of Russia hides in this bunker.

He is scared of being bombed, wounded killed or raped by Russian soldiers who are performing such brutal acts against the people of Ukraine.

This President hides under the “religious robes” of a false Russian Orthodox Priest,  just like a four year old, who hides under his mother’s skirt when the thunder roars.

Who needs such a President who hides from the world, steals from ordinary Russians, and allows and possibly orders his army to commit atrocities in Ukraine?

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