Another Letter to Mr. Putin

Well Done, Great President Putin!

You must decorate your brave soldiers for their precision bombing of the Childrens’ Hospital in Mariupol.

It must have taken months of planning to have succeeded in such a daring attack.

Killing lots of children must have been high on your New Year’s promise list of things to do when thinking about liberating Ukraine from Nazi Jews, Gypsies, Foreigners, and Gays.

Your Russian Patriarch of Moscow, Mr. Kirill, must be blessing you with the holy spirit now that gay children have been got rid of so efficiently. You must agree that his thinking is so Christian because he refuses, quite rightly, to condemn Russia’s acts in saving Ukraine from homosexuals, Nazis, and other deviants. 

He is such a nice man, a true Christian, who understands you so well. He not like those wicked folk in the West, who do not show you the great respect that you deserve. 

What hypocrites they are, spoiled by so-called social evils like democracy, equality and liberty. 

Mr Kirill thinks just like you – that it is important to deal with that bad puppet of the West, President Zelenskiy, who permits gay pride marches. Of course it is right that men may be summarily shot, and women and children bombed to kingdom come when faced with such threats from so many sinful people – 41 million at the last count, right next to peace-loving Russia.

Your Patriarch of Moscow, Mr. Kirill, has repeated his view of divine retribution which leans on a Old Testament understanding that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because they were steeped in unnatural sexual sin, and Ukraine’s destruction is a similar day of judgment – a prototype for God’s judgment and salvation of this tainted universe. That man is such a True Christian… just like you!

So go ahead and decorate your fine brave soldiers, and then go to your huge church and be blessed by Mr. Kirill. 

But watch out for Mr. Brutus, who will be armed with some nerve gas agents that he wants to pour into your underpants. 

Mr. Brutus is that shady guy who is hiding behind that wall to your left, and to your right, in front of you, and behind you, ready to pounce from out of the shadows at any moment…

… and when he does, we will all be cheering… because you will be on your way to meet St. Peter, a moment we have all been waiting for.

Have nice day, Mr Putin and enjoy the party while it lasts…

… and Best Regards

From Most of The Rest of the World

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