Anything is Possible when Down-Up

Look what happens when you find a fool at the head of the country, especially when he gets the job by telling voters concocted stories that have very little resemblance to facts or truths. 

  1. He has become a major pain in the proverbial backside and immediately dumbs down diplomacy and politics. 
  2. He leaves a trail of corruption and brings in people that would rather drop bombs than solve climate change. 
  3. He travels the globe and denigrates allies and praises despots and murderous dictators. 
  4. He destroys the foundations of trust that is the prerequisite of international trade. 
  5. Yes, like a broken clock that is correct two times every 12 hours, he may do one or two good things, but these are more than cancelled out when he supports those who systematically bomb hospitals, kill opponents or close advisors to distract attention from their own weaknesses or failures.

So what can happen if the ordinary folk from downstairs decide to challenge these men at the top?

Stop and think… Most of you will always automatically say that the best ice hockey players in the world are to be found in the NHL league. These are the guys with fewer front teeth, huge shoulders, funny hair styles and obviously have been taught to kill the opposition… Yes, there is a clear similarity between them and the above Great Leaders…

But, what happened the other week in Bratislava was an eye-opener and one experience that is worth its weight in gold.

The Finnish Ice Hockey organisation that was responsible for gathering a national team for the World Ice Hockey Championships had a major problem. Most all of the best players were unable to attend because they were playing in US NHL tournaments, so the organisers had to choose from a bunch of promising young newcomers and a few older models… 

The result was said to be a foregone solution. “Sport experts” said that this tatty amateur team of young Finns would be trashed in the early games. One newspaper wrote that it was an embarrassment to send such a team.

They did lose one early game, but that was not a huge disappointment because that was expected. But then they beat the Swedes, and then the Canadians to get through to the Finals against the Russians.

Suicidal was on the lips of most Finns. Totally unexpected to win was on the lips of others. A Silver Medal would be enough, and that was the general expectation.

But no, they put up an exceptional fight and won the gold medal against all odds! 

That was something vey Finnish called “SISU”.

It is a reminder that we do not need Trumps and Kims and Putins to run this world – they create backwardness, risks and killings. That is not for us and we should resist such people and such influences. Education together with respect for others and for the truth are what are needed.

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