Apathetic Politicians will Kill Us

Even though the True Finn boss has a PhD he keeps on repeating that the government should not do anything to reduce Climate Change. The rational for his argument seems to be that Finland is too small to make any difference when it comes to greenhouse gases, the use of plastics, and water pollution. His opinion is wrong and pathetic.

His opinion is wrong because Finland already has very high greenhouse emissions per head and because every country must take action. Furthermore Finland already has advanced technologies and skills to combat Climate Change that are already being exported. This sector is a growing source of employment now and for the future. 

He is pathetic because he is merely copying Trump and Boris Johnson by jumping on the populist bandwagon to gather supporters who want to believe such nonsense. In previous statements, he has also called for a halt to immigration to keep Finland pure, and he has allowed senior party members to make outrageous racist comments in their blogs. 

Following his logic, we might as well encourage people to drive more fossil fuel cars, and that they should be free to drive without speed limits. Similarly we might as well propose to stop teaching difficult subjects, that the unemployed should receive €3000 a month to keep them happy, and everybody should continue to eat unhealthy food and smoking cigarettes, etc, etc… and why not allow party members to burn books and beat up foreigners who dare to tread on our streets.

Starting to spread bigotry and allowing racist comments always leads to strife – just as a single match can burn down a whole forest.

Every country big and small has a duty to implement climate change policies. 

No country and no person has the right to be a free rider when faced with such a fatal risk for this globe.

The True Finns are already basking in the sun by copying Trump and Johnson. The consequences of dumb policies will be paid by this party and also by the rest of society. 

It is regrettable that there are large numbers of voters who chose not care about the future, and the True Finns are not the only party to be accused of bad policy statements.

The Center Party has a man as Chairman of the Parliamentary Environmental Committee. This man has been very active in denouncing various parts of the IPCC report and Climate Change policies. He is not a scientist, and yet he dares to contradict the best thinkers on the subject. 

One of the biggest emissions of greenhouse gases in Finland comes from burning peat, which is used in many municipal power plants. This man happens to be in the board of one of the biggest peat producers. 

The Center Party is also pushing hard for what the latest IPCC report calls unsustainable Climate Change policy – the 3 big forest companies are using forests to make car fuel and bulk low-cost pulp that they sell to China for toilet paper and kitchen rolls! They are making very little attempt to develop wood construction products and lasting long-term uses of wood. These very profitable companies actually receive government grants that are around the same size as the huge bonuses for their senior staff! 

What a waste of tax-payers’ money to stoke the flames when Rome is already on fire. 

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