Are Meetings with Despots a Fool’s Game?

There is a Danish proverb “A fool only wins the first game” and perhaps this is applicable to Putin too, if one is really optimistic.

The above is an important question to ask because such people who are at the top of big dangerous countries have the ability of kill, wound, rape and displace with brutal wars.

We had four years of Trump and that was bad enough because he was an expert at talking BS and lies, but other world leaders were right to meet with him. 

The United States has been seen as the Leader of the Free World. Even though their reputation  has been tarnished by some awful policies in the Middle East and elsewhere, nothing compares to what Putin’s Russia is now doing in Ukraine.

This last statement also applies to Trump’s presidency, even though he courted despots when president. One can better understand Trump when considering his inability to read complex policy papers and security reports, his need to be seen as a great TV showman, his inability to accept election defeat, and his unkind childish name-calling of people whom opposed or disagreed with him. In the end one must probably accept that he is a rather sly, simple, and ill-informed egoist who just wants to satisfy his inner cravings like his addictions like hamburgers and Coca-Cola.

Trump unsuccessfully tried to smash American democracy to stay in power, but the USA has checks and balances in their constitution that gives protection, albeit weaker protection than before Trump’s appointments to the Supreme Court!

Now for the last five months we have seen the real side of Putin who is bent on telling lies to his own countrymen and the rest of the world about what he is doing in Ukraine – a terrible bloody war that kills thousands of Russians and Ukrainians – where the Russians are uninvited invaders of a sovereign nation, and Ukrainians innocent protectors of their own country.

It would be awful if we have to suffer from Putin for another three years because his actions are those of a war criminal and terrorist. 

Putin, unlike Trump, is from another world where his cravings have been crafted by basic survival where theft, spying, and brutal crimes were the norm. Given his background it is no surprise to see his evil policies in Ukraine and his poisoning and murdering his opponents.

It is understandable that our Finnish Presidents, former German leaders, and other world leaders were lulled into thinking they could trust this man. At world summits he excels as a con-man, with smiles and a friendly glint in his eyes. These are things he learnt as a KGB spy…

But now we know that he is a murderer and terrorist who should be treated as such by all other world leaders.

So the question remains – how can any self-respecting and responsible world leader now sit in the same room with this man? 

  1. He said he was not going to invade Ukraine, but on February 24th he did. 
  2. He promised to allow grain exports from Odessa but bombed the port the next day.
  3. Over the last decades he agreed to deliver huge volumes of gas, oil and wheat to Europe and the rest of the world but now he has chosen to stop after sanctions were imposed because of his brutal and insane invasion of Ukraine, a friendly neighbour that was never any threat to Russia.

Just remember, that there were no free-world leaders who sat down with Hitler to negotiate the end of World War II…

How we deal with Putin is a matter we must consider. Talking with him at the end of a long table is obviously a waste of time since we know that he can never be trusted again, especially now as he speaks about expanding the war zone and using nuclear bombs. How long must the rest of the world stand for this man’s brutal craziness?

The situation with Russia is very bad for all of us, including ordinary Russians, so long as Putin stays in his seat… and things are even worse when you consider that meetings with him are a fool’s game.



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