Are Politicians Right or Not Right when Right?

We are surrounded by politicians who do not want to accept obvious proven facts or want others to take care of what they think are not their problems. 

In America, the biggest polluter of greenhouse emissions and plastic waste,  have said that they will not be part of the Paris Accord on Climate Change;

      • and they want to create protective barriers to free trade;
      • and they call their long-term allies enemies and their long-term adversaries their most respected allies;
      • and they are xenophobic and want to close their eyes to the world’s suffering, much of which has been inflicted by their armies sent in to capture oil reserves and other riches…

In Italy, the government says that they will not adhere to the budget rules agreed upon within Europe, including their past governments, even though the rest of Europe is on the hook for saving a bankrupt Italy.

In Austria, USA, Italy, France and in a few other EU member countries important politicians are claiming that Mr. Putin is somebody who should be held in esteem as a friend. It is difficult to believe that you can be friends with bullies, and that is the mildest possible description that can be made about him. Naturally we should be respectful to our neighbours but we also have to be firm about what is acceptable.

We are also seeing the breakdown in the rule of law in Hungary, Poland and in Turkey. Nothing more needs to be said about that…

… and just look at what is going on in the UK with absurdity of the Brexit…

In all of the above, some other party is to blame – the right wing politicians are screaming that they are losing their independence, their political might, or that the rest of the world is trying to screw them!

All of the above are examples of self-serving Right-Wing politicians that we would all be better off not voting for because they refuse to accept ordinary facts and because it is easier to blame others for bad situations rather than take responsibility for a self inflicted bad situation.  

It seems that Trumpian politics are taking over the world…

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