Artists add life to Helsinki – Arto Kettunen

The above pasting by Arto Kettunen is called Helsinki Market Place…

Helsinki has many ugly electricity distribution boxes on the pavements covered in graffiti and posters for nightclubs. Many have complained to the city because the posters are left to rot for months and make the place look horrible.

Now we have a new sense of civic pride because young artists have received the green light to paint glorious and serious  pictures to brighten up pedestrians lives.

The young man Arto Kettunen has just finished a portrait of his girlfriend and partner when your columnist was passing by on his bike along Bulervardi!

Great stuff!

Here is the CV of this young artist from his website on

Arto Kettunen born in 1987 and lives currently in Helsinki, Finland


2012-2016 Fine Arts in Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Imatra

2014 St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts

2011-12 Fine Arts in Lahti Folk School, Lahti

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Common People, tm•galleria, Helsinki

2017 Hesa, Bar Café No 9, Helsinki

2016 Snapshots – Maalauksia arjesta, Käytävägalleria, Imatra

2016 Näkymiä, GalleriaNurkka, Kuusankoski

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Krimin Purkutalonäyttely, Imatra

2018 KAAKKO18, Lappeenrannan Taidemuseo / Lappeenranta Art Museum

2017 Katajainen Kansa – Purkutalonäyttely, Mäntyharju

2017 #yhdessä, Keuruun Taidemuseo / Keuruu Art Museum

2017 Kohtaamisia padolla VI, Galleria Pato, Kuusankoski

2017 Taidekeskus Salmela / Art Centre Salmela, Mäntyharju

2017 Silviisii, Galleria Kaakaopapu, Lappeenranta

2017 Totuuksia, Imatra Art Museum, Imatra

2016 Taidekeskus Salmelan Nuorten taiteilijoiden näyttelyluokka, Art Centre Salmela, Mäntyharju

2016 Stockfors Art Fair 2016, Pyhtää

2016 Onneomija, Imatra Art Museum, Imatra

2016 Art of Basware 2016, Helsinki

2015 Stockfors Art Fair 2015, Pyhtää

2015 Art of Basware 2015, Helsinki

2014 Stockfors Art Fair 2014, Pyhtää

2013 Ikuinen Galleria, Tampere

2013 Stockfors Art Fair 2013, Pyhtää

2013 Art of Basware 2013, Helsinki

2012 Hämeen Nuoret 2012, Hämeenlinna 


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