Bad connections between Deutsche Bank and Bayer

It should come as no surprise to readers that the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Bank is also on the supervisory board of Bayer – that is Dr. Paul Achleitner – see above photo.

You have already seen that Deutsche Bank has fallen to the lowest level imaginable and it looks like Bayer is following suit.

Bayer purchased the American seeds and chemicals giant Monsanto last year, with a $63 billion takeover which included a chemical weedkiller “Roundup“. 

Now a jury in San Francisco jury has determined that there is link between cancer and Roundup’s main chemical, glyphosate.

Bayer shares have fallen now by 10% bring the total fall since last year to more than 33%, which is almost equal to half of the merger costs! 

It sounds like another great investment from a man who was once a partner in Goldman Sachs.

Graph: Google Finance

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