Big brother and the privacy of your health – do not believe in corporate altruism…

Three giant American companies, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase have decided to create a non-profit healthcare company for their 1 million employees with the intention of “lowering healthcare costs”.

Apple have also now decided to follow suit for their employees, and you can be sure that many more big companies will follow them in the coming months.

The big question here is what type of security will be given to the privacy of the employees from the prying eyes of their employees?

OP Group and the Tapiola Group, 2 huge finance groups in Finland, are also involved in providing healthcare for employees and clients.

As an employee, how safe is your job when you see the doctor?

As a client, how safe is your housing loan or insurance when you see a doctor?

Are medical records really behind Chinese walls?

Food for thought…

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