Bigotry Hijacks Finnish Parliament

Now and then you may have heard people saying, “If you are not qualified to get the sort of job you think you deserve, then you can always be a politician.”

This saying appears applicable to Finland today because we have seen how bigotry has hijacked the Finnish parliament by right-wing extremists who have certainly never done any meaningful work in the real economy. Their CVs expose a series of jobs as assistants to various bigwigs in the party before they are old enough to be candidates for general elections. Such people are to be found in all three right-wing parties – the True Finns, the Conservatives and the Christian Democrats.

It is depressing to see them preaching Christian family values – but only of the white kind. They appear to live in bubbles where they only see that white people have a God-given right to be Christians. They somehow forget that Jesus, their biblical hero, was brought up as a Jew and was part of the then-existing Arab community!

Bigotry is to be taken seriously always because we see its various forms in history and today. It starts with politicians demanding more powers, and grows into something that is a monster.

You know what Hitler did, and we see bigotry today with Putin and his friends at the Russian Orthodox Church…

… and we also see this in the USA with Trump who plays with the white Evangelists.

Both men cannot be held up as shining examples of followers of Christian values. Putin is waging a brutal war in Ukraine with fabricated justification, where he is killing innocent civilians and stealing children…

… and Trump appears to support this man!

There is madness and terrible danger in this bigotry that ultimately feeds hate and then death.

The Finnish population is quite justified to demand that we remove such people from our Parliament.

Graphics source: The International Orthodox Christian Ministry of John Sanidopoulo

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