Black Friday should be stopped. It is a consumer frenzy encouraged by Big Media, Big Tech and Retail Giants, that offer nothing but bigger piles of rubbish and heavy use of plastics and fossil fuels. Do we really need bigger televisions, more expensive smart phones for every member of the family and more laptops?

  • Big Media enjoys strongly flowing advertising revenues to fill their half empty pockets.
  • Big Tech has seen huge flows of record-breaking advertising revenues into their tax-free pockets.
  • Retail Giants with bricks and mortar shops are desperate for paying clients in their Golden Palace Malls. Who cares about Covid when there are things to sell and buy so the rent can be paid to our pension funds? 
  • Retail Giants on the web are truly happy for paying clients who flood their tax-free pockets with record revenues never seen before… Who cares about the workers in their logistics centres and truckers who all work long hours for a pittance…. We can all love and admire how Mr. Bezos is even more the richest man on the planet… 

… and Corona loves and admires Black Friday too! Queues and crowds at the retails outlets are great places for spreading more than exponentially.  

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