Boris is Not Churchill  & Not Great for UK

When you see a president or prime minister trying to look “presidential” you know that it is a sign that something is very wrong. We have all seen how Trump likes to appear to be presidential when he is walking down the steps of Air Force One, and Mr Johnson likes to pretend he looks like Churchill with his hands held behind his back and his head bent forward.

Both men are frauds and liars but their appearance certainly deceives because so many people have voted for them in open and free elections.

But were these elections honest and open?

The answer to that question this perfectly clear. Recent elections there and almost anywhere in the world are beginning to be far from being honest and open. In both cases the media and independent fact-checkers have shown that there has been a mountain of lies told by the candidates together with massive and dishonest targeted advertising through social media and aggressive TV advertising.

Mr. Johnson’s success in the recent elections is mainly due to the awful performance of Mr. Corbyn the head of the Labour Party. His public image and some of his more exotic ideas were bound to lead to failure at the election. Simply put he was a such a weak candidate who should never have been put at the head of the Labour Party, or any other party for that matter!

Mr. Johnson is no better as a politician than Corbyn, but he was able to fool the people at this election time and be slightly more attractive in the eyes of voters. The result of the election will mean that Mr. Johnson will rush into making a deal with the European Union. He will not be offered a better deal than the one he is turning down with Brexit. The European Union will remain very firm with their offer which will be weaker for the UK than what they have with the EU as a member state. The irony is that the UK will be leaving the EU only to try to join it again as a partner on worst terms.

However, there is some good news in this election result.

  1. Labour’s terrible result will mean that Mr. Corbyn must go, and he will probably be replaced by a moderate and more attractive candidate.
  2. The other piece of good news about this election is that the shelf-life of Mr. Johnson will not be a good one and he may find himself without a job before the next election, and almost certainly after the next election.

They can be no doubt at the level of journalism within the major newspapers in the UK is well below the level at which it should be. Their almost mindless adulation for a Churchillian Johnson has been beyond belief.

Abraham Lincoln said about deception: You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

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