Boris J. will soon be on the rubbish heap

The good thing about politics is that rubbish is soon cleared out of the corners and dumped into the dustbins and landfills sooner or later.

Your correspondent has seen politicians come and go on the merry-go-round of politics.

You can actually count on one hand the number of western Prime Ministers who get to hold their position for more than two election periods. Most of the Finnish ones end up in some easy job in the EU, EIB or in the OECD and then re-appear as fresh broilers in some secondary political position in the municipal sector or in banking! It is unknown for such folk to rise to become industrial leaders or serious thinkers.

So when you complain again about Trump, May, Salvini, LePen or the folk from Turkey, Hungary, Poland or ¨Romania, just recall that they will all be kicked out soon enough and end up on the political rubbish heap.

Today politicians know that there are safety nets around them since most of them have nowhere to go when the inevitable strikes, so they tend to protect their own. What else can they do because today’s politicians are bred in factory conditions like broilers? 

The parties are always on the look out for young candidates who burn with political fervour. These types are the ones that never do too well in university. Politics offers and easy job opportunities for these types especially for good looking ambitious easy-going charismatic types. Serious students and those with an entrepreneurial attitude normally avoid political attractions until they become rich or powerful, but that is another story…

So dear old Boris J. Wants to become PM of the UK in “Churchillian” manner, in the same way that Trump wants to look “presidential”!

He may become the chosen saviour of the Conservative Party for a few months, but he will then realise as PM that the EU does not have time to deal with the UK which has effectively become a non-member. The EU will stick to a timetable and if the country leaves the EU without a deal then it will take some junior EU assistants a few years, if not a decade to negotiate a trade deal with the UK.

By then the Conservative Party, like many other incumbents would have lost one or two elections and Johnson will find himself either living off social security, off daddy’s money, or off some rich socialite lady who thought she had found a nice hubby from Eton. 

We could invent a new summer party game called “Where-Did-They-Go?”, or “Do-You-Remember”… 

On the serious side, the number of failed politicians and ministers from Finland is increasing quite dramatically, which is not a bad thing. The former Transport Minister is now into banking, (and God help that bank), the former Employment Minister is on the dole, the former Foreign Minister is possibly joining Trump’s breakfast prayer circle for the 2020 election, and half a dozen former PM’s are wandering around the EU, the OECD, the EIB and Sitra in the hope that they will be saved from oblivion.

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