Brexit and “FinnGovExit” are so similar

The Brexit Affair and the resignation of the Finnish government have much in common:

  1. The Prime Ministers of both governments have been haphazard in their handling of the some of the most important issues that really will affect our lives. Leaving the biggest free trading partner, the EU, is suicidal and cutting up one of the best healthcare systems in the world is crazy.
  2. The Prime Ministers of both countries have wasted years and money NOT looking after ordinary matters of state while chasing their hapless goals.
  3. Neither ended up with a majority in Parliament.
  4. Neither have sought to deal with the many other pressing problems that we can all see like:
        • Corruption within the EU,
        • EU jobs being handed out to political friends and families, 
        • It is clear that Common Agricultural Policy increases food prices, 
        • EU money is being grabbed by the mafia and by a few governments who are not adhering to European principles of law and order, etc… 
  1. One will follow the other into oblivion….

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