Brexit is for Monkeys, as is Trump

The Chinese had 2016 as the Year of the Monkey. That was the year the Brits voted for Brexit and the Americans voted for Trump. 

The saying goes that Great Minds think alike and there is do much truth in that saying! David Cameron, like Theresa May, were not originally in favour of Brexit, even though they harboured strong doubts about some of the EU’s policies. Like Trump, they and now Boris Johnson spent their time on matters that made things worse for the majority of ordinary people. 

Both countries were among the worst managers of the Corona Pandemic with some of the highest infection and death rates per million of their respective populations in the developed world. Quite a despicable result for two countries that boast as having the best medical brains and healthcare resources in the world. The recently agreed Brexit Deal can only be described as a big step backwards for the UK and “Taking Back Control” is just as futile as “Make America Great Again”.

Trump’s twilight months of December and January are best described as a scorched-earth policy that aims to destroy anything that might be useful to the Democrats. For four years this man has refused to implement any measures to combat climate change – in fact he has been supporting the use of fossil fuel without regard for the damage to our global environment. He has also been attacking long-term allies of the United States and showering praise on despots and dictators, and worse of all he has deliberately encouraged discord and violence at home and abroad. Any redeeming actions he has taken can never expunge the damage he has done to global security, the rule of law and democracy. Trump’s unwillingness to pass a Relief Bill, his utter disregard for proper management of the Corona crisis, and his deliberate and unenlightened attitude towards Climate Change make him guilty of crimes against humanity in his own country and against the rest of the world. If he was a leader of a low-income country he would be put on trial in the Hague. 

In the same spirit, the present leader of the UK Conservative government has spent his time by promising a great new trade agreement with the UK’s biggest trading partner, although he seems to have missed the point that EU membership gave them an even better and more cost-effective trading relationship with the EU. It is bad enough to deliberately make a worse agreement but quite another matter to claim with a straight face that, “the deal will allow our companies to do even more business with our European friends”, (BBC video 24.12.2020). His often repeated stories of “taking back control”only mean that you have control so long as you follow what was agreed with the EU. Trade agreements are bilateral affairs, and there are obligations to be followed and consequences when promises are broken. You cannot unilaterally pass any new laws giving you full control when they contravene existing trade agreements!

Yes, the Chinese really hit the nail on the head in 2016!

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