Brilliant Swede makes “We Don’t Have Time”

A young Swede called Ingmar Rentzhog has established a very interesting climate change foundation called “WeDontHaveTime” which you can find on

Ingmar presented the work of the foundation at the Club of Rome and Global Challenge Seminar “The Climate Emergency Plan“ in Stockholm last week and explained why we do not have time to fix the Climate Change threat.

In fact he does not even call it a threat, because we are already suffering the first big consequences of Climate Change – pollution, floods, fires, draught and wars…

Northern and Southern Americans, Europeans, Africans, Australians and Asians are seeing a terrible loss of life, the destruction of their environments as well as the mass extinction of species and the rise of inequality within and between nations. The ice caps are melting at the poles and Greenland has already seen that its thick ice surface is degrading. Russia’s tundras are also melting and releasing methane.

There is no question of whether or not climate change and the overuse of ecological resources lead to catastrophe – it is already doing that…

His latest video from “The Climate Emergency Plan“ is worth a watch! It is part of the whole seminar video which can be found here.

Now the question is the extent of the catastrophe, and whether or not it will lead to a complete breakdown of our societies.

The scientific community has issued a unanimous warning to humanity about the dangers of climate change. To those who deny this warning, we say: including you in the conversation would be a waste of time. Every hour spent debating a science denier (a person who refuses to admit the truth)  is an hour less spent finding solutions to our problems.

So we are pressed for time. This is encapsulated in their name, which is also their motto.

We Don’t Have Time to wait; we must act. NOW.

#WeDontHaveTime will be introducing an app on Earth Day, 22 April 2019, as social network – a platform for saving the climate and truly making a difference.  You can sign up now for an invitation on their website.

They also have a great song to match their efforts:

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