British Bulldogs Bite, Especially this New One!

Robert Shrimsley is one of the Financial Times’ rightwing writers who even manages to smooth away his personal distaste for Brexit and Boris with dubious ease…

But that does not stop him being negative about the incoming Prime Minister in FT (5.9.22) “Liz Truss will have to be great just to be good”. He does not express much hope for Ms. Truss to succeed because he lists the many challenges she will face that are left by former successive Conservative governments:

      1. The UK is not trusted by many in Europe, the UK’s largest trading partner!
      2. A looming recession with high and rising inflation 
      3. The risk of a further devaluation of the Pound caused by crisis of confidence in the UK economy
      4. More industrial unrest 
      5. Deteriorating public services 
      6. The impact of higher interest rates

In addition to all of this he mentions that she has rebellious party to control led by ultra right-wing extremists like Mr. Rees-Mogg, who is expected to be named Business Minister! He is probably the most anti-business person in the whole of Parliament. He pushed the hardest for Brexit and promptly moved his fund management company to the Republic of Ireland from London to avoid the problems of Brexit! That tells you quite a lot about this future PM and her government.

As Foreign Minister under Boris Johnson, Ms. Truss bit hard at the ankles of the EU leadership making few friends there while waiting for Boris to fall…

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