Brits Want Their Cake & Eat It Too!

The British Bull Dog, that glorification of Mr. Churchill, is characterised by a lusting for righteous power of the former Commonwealth, an institution openly supported by English aristocrats to rip off the colonies. They expect to do the same with the EU and the rest of the world with “Great Trade Deals that will restore Britain’s lost glory,” to quote the loving couple Johnson/Cummings. 

A large part of the British Empire was controlled the East India Company (EIC), which originally received a Royal Charter from Queen Elizabeth I in December 1600. The company rose to account for half of the world’s trade, particularly in basic commodities including cotton, silk, indigo dye, salt, spices, saltpetre, tea, and opium. This last commodity was a nice little side line for the British government and their aristocrats.

Even speeches in Parliament over the last centuries, explained that the East India Company had always been involved in both trade and politics, just as its French and Dutch counterparts had been.

Historians have described former EIC’s leaders like Robert Clive from 18th century, as an “unstable sociopath” and the East India Company, as “the original corporate raiders” due to these harmful policies, looting and other actions that resulted in famines and atrocities towards local native Indians and peasants. Changes caused by Clive to the revenue system and existing agricultural practices to maximise profits for the company led to the Bengal Famine of 1770.

It is unlikely that this newly revamped and imaginative vision of the UK will create famine and poverty in the EU or in any part of the world. However it is more likely that these far-sighted politicians will inflict such damage on a large part of the British population. 

The EU has made it quite clear that the UK’s latest claims that it will diverge from EU product norms will mean that free trade agreements will not be achievable any time soon. Also the rest of the world is fully aware of the East India Company’s former cheating and looting. There will be little chance that the Brits will have their cake and it eat, although they will have plenty of sliced white bread and water to keep them happy in glorified isolation while singing “God save the queen, king and the hangers on…”

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