Bulldogs Destroy World Peace and Trade

People are normally happy if they can live our lives with families and friends in safety without external threats, with enough food and reasonable basic services.

That is what we do in the Nordic countries right now, and defending that state of affairs is obviously hard because there are terrible things going on right now elsewhere and supported by our neighbours…

The war in Syria has killed around 400 000 people who wanted a better life. Another 3 000 000 are trapped in the city of Idlib and we are expecting a massacre there. Russia and a few other countries have been bombing schools and hospitals – women and children have been targets. Over half of the 10 million population have been displaced. Whole cities and much of the country’s infrastructure has been destroyed. This is such madness and it is beyond belief that cruel genocide is possible today.

But stop and think about the United States… This was such a shining light for democracy that has now been dimmed by a single President.

That was not meant to be possible because we all thought that the internet would reveal and limit such madness, but no, it propagates it. That President uses it for evil purposes and the Big Tech companies profit from it!

And stop and think about the UK. What has been a traditional “Bull Dog” democracy in Europe is now being led by a fanatical PM, who says he will break the law deliberately to get his own way! He is also ready to slow deliveries of basic food and medicine at the harbours to get his own way…

This too was not meant to happen!

He has even closed down Parliament, their keystone of democracy by telling the Queen that she should close Parliament so he can prepare her speech, when all he wanted to do was stop Parliament debating about Brexit! So we now have another leader telling brazen lies and not caring for the truth!

Keeping a line of communication with these leaders is important, because we need to tell them what we think. We know that they will probably only pretend to listen, but they will be gone one day soon… because they were not meant to happen…

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