Catholics Squander Money on Speculation & Luxuries

Anybody rational person who visits or reads about the Vatican City will see immediately that this religious sect behaves like any other religious sect and abuses its position as a Christian organisation.

But miracles happen, in the good and bad sense. In the good sense Trump recovered miraculously from Covid-19, while the bad miracle is that most people claiming to be catholics are wilfully blind to their organisation’s crimes and misdemeanours.

In her interesting and acclaimed book called “Wilful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious”, by Margaret Heffernan, she produces a wealth of examples of how that church manages to keep a lid on the worst type of child abuse by priests. Even today that church continues to hide and protect abusers. She writes:

“The 2005 Ferns Inquiry unearthed one hundred complaints against twenty-one priests in O’Gorman’s diocese alone. A year later, the Murphy Report began examining the history of forty-six priests, picked from a sample of 102 against whom complaints had been lodged. Investigations into just those forty-six priests produced allegations from more than 320 children. ‘One priest admitted to sexually abusing over 100 children, while another accepted that he had abused on a fortnightly basis during his ministry which lasted for over 25 years,’ the report said. ‘The total number of documented complaints recorded against those two priests is only just over 70.’ Released in 2009, the report found that ‘maintenance of secrecy, the avoidance of scandal, the protection of the reputation of the church and the preservation of its assets’ were more important than justice for the victims.”

More recently it is reported in the media that this same church has been “investing” money collected from members in buying options to buy the shares of Hertz even when it was publicly known to be on the edge of bankruptcy… and they have also purchased bonds supported by money laundering mafia organisations that have been cheating Italian taxpayers… and then they have been buying some of the most expensive buildings and real estate in London with crooked intermediaries laughing all the way to the Vatican’s bank. The latest news tells us that some of these investments have caused substantial losses… but not to worry the Vatican has plenty of gold stashed away in bank coffers in Europe… why give money to paupers and this in need when  it can be invested by shrewd bankers doing “god’s work”?!

The miracle of wilful blindness lives on! These old men in medieval red clothes live their lives in ultimate corporeal luxury surrounded by their diplomatically protected Vatican walls, while trying every trick of a con man to increase the number of unsuspecting paying members.

Photo: Wikipedia Commons – Vatican City – the Burial site of Saint Peter, the “First Pope” by Ankitaganguly2912

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