Center Party folk enjoy illicit benefits from Youth Foundation

The Center Party has enjoyed illicit financial benefits from the Youth Foundation, (Nuorisosäätiö in Finnish), an organization that is close the Party, that has apartment buildings built for renting out to young folk. There have been court decisions where board members and management of the Foundation have been found guilty of illicit election funding for the Center Party. One of them is now the Center Party’s Parliamentary chairman – he is called Antti Kaikkuinen. He received a 5-month suspended prison sentence for wrongdoing! It is interesting that he can keep his job!

At least 2 other criminal investigations are ongoing against officials from the Foundation because, in the first case, money appears to have disappeared from the Foundation’s accounts, and in the second case, it appears, money has been used for real estate deals with party friends where the Foundation has paid prices which are way above market values.

It is surprising that the political party that is currently holding the PM’s position in the government can accept that so many irregularities continue in the Foundation over many years without so much as blinking an eye. That Mr. Kaikkuinen can continue to hold a high position within the party and in Parliament is rather shameful.

A former Center Party Prime Minister, Mr. Vanhanen, has also been Chairman of the board of the Foundation, but he was not included as one of the accused. In Mr. Kaikkuinen’s court ruling the court mentioned, as mitigating circumstances, that payments to the Center Party & Friends had already started at an earlier date before Mr. Kaikkuinen’s election as Chairman of the Foundation! Mr. Vanhanen, an MP, also serves as Chairman of Parliamentary Supervisory Council at Bank of Finland. Even the Central Bank is not protected from the Center party’s long fingers. The Center Party was involved, via Mr. Vanhanen, in the appointment of another party man, Mr. Rhen, as the new Governor of the bank. So much for their election promises of no more political appointments!

Photo: Finnish Broadcasting Company

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