Chairman, Center & Conservative Parties & Friends blame others

The Finnish Conservative Party together with their Center Party friends have blamed everyone but themselves for the huge scandal with private care homes where the powerless elderly have been kept in their own faeces and urine-soaked nappies for hours; where many weak and demented patients are left without food for up to18 hours;  where patients are given the wrong medicines; and where untrained staff mishandle the fragile bodies of these poor people.

Journalists have been gathering facts from staff, family members and the trade unions about these serious abuses, of which many are criminally wrong. They have been reporting on this for years already… not days or weeks… and nothing happens…

All of the largest private companies are involved and they should have known better because they has been plenty of complaints made throughout the whole country. 

Politicians have done nothing except urge to companies to take on more outsourcing from local government under the mantra that the private sector is more efficient than the public sector. This is particularly true of the Conservative Party.

The local government in the large cities and in the smaller provincial areas are all run but the same big parties – especially the Conservative and the Center Parties. They are the ones who have been actively, even aggressively, pushing for the privatisation of care of the elderly. 

There is nothing wrong with public care of the elderly – it can always be improved… but once you put the private equity Alpha Males from London and Stockholm with favorable Juncker-tax deals in Luxembourg, (thanks to PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, & Co…) you can be sure that the dividends will flow with the last gasps of the dying aged.

…and then look at what happened today – the CEO (remuneration around €1million) resigned (or possibly sacked) with a board chairman, Mr. Harri-Pekka Kaukonen, who was furious/upset/regretting/promising something better… 

He is a chairman of 6 other big companies and was shocked “to read” about the scandalous behaviour of the firm he is currently chairman! 

The fact that he read this and was not told just shows what kind of “Old Boy’s Network” we have in this country…. 

And of course he is not resigning nor being kicked out! How do immoral people like this become chairman of such companies. Just reading Finland’s main newspaper during the last years would have revealed loud complaints from the trade unions about this sector. It would have taken him 5 minutes to call the CEO last year to check if the drive for profits was lowering their standards to unacceptable levels. He should have spent some time in a few of these homes instead of reaping in generous fees as chairman… Naturally the main newspaper stops short of criticising him!

These companies should be banned from doing business here…

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