Checking in with Finnair today… OMG!

You cannot believe how bad their system is. 

Your correspondent purchased 2 tickets to Venice in January together with the purchase of 2 seats together because they never put couples together as part of their blackmail pricing!

Now when I tried to check in I discovered that it was impossible without paying extra for seats.

This is where the Catch 22 comes into play – I was told on the website that our check-in could not continue until the payment was made, and at the same time I was told that making the payment was impossible!

This was June 28th, 2019 and we had booked the flights AND the seats in January 2019! We had both the invoice and the travel documents from Finnair where it said quite plainly that we had paid for the tickets and the seats for the whole package! We had booked the tickets on the Finnair website and paid for every extra…

So what do you do when there is a problem with Finnair?

The first thing is that they have no telephone number to call only a chat line which is a stupid tiny box that is intended to make writing as hard as possible. Another problem with the chat line is that there is no record of what was written! And the third thing is that they are really slow to answer!

So I entered the chat line and waited. Naturally they could not sweep up my name which was on the checkin webpage in front of me. I entered that and waited about 5 minutes. The person (or robot) at the other end “explained” that we had not paid for the seats because they could not find the invoice! 

“What”, I said (wrote), “you have sent me the invoice with all the payments for the trip and the seats”..

“We can’t find them on this system…” said the robot…

“I don’t care – that is your problem, not mine. We have paid and here is the confirmation you sent us…”

The robot went silent for a few minutes and then repeated “We can’t find them on this system…”

This was where I got really angry because I was the customer and that was a robot that could not read nor understand that we had paid and that Finnair had confirmed that in January….

Five more minutes and three more demands from me, “What about our seats 6B and 6C from Helsinki and 8B and 8C from Venice? Please confirm that we have the seats.”

Five minutes later the robot replied, “You have the seats – you will get them for free…”

… and we did get our seats and it just took 30 minutes to get our Boarding Pass.

WOW, do they need a new Boss at that place…

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