China Promised a Tunnel for Finland 2 Years Ago…

Readers may recall that the Chinese made an offer to build a long 40 km tunnel under the Baltic Sea to link Finland and Estonia. It was being promoted by a young man who had made a lot of money selling E-games.

Just making a lot of money selling E-games is hardly a great competence for building a tunnel at the taxpayers’ expense with Chinese money deep under the sea and stay within budget and delivered on time.

We wrote about this in an article in September 2019.

The only comment that can be made is that we must be glad that Covid and the US Trade Wars put an end to that project!

Not only did the promoter have zero competence to deliver such a project but the whole world has seen how the Chinese treat their debtors who get loaded up with debts for poorly executed projects.

Having a tunnel is not a bad idea but this type of massive project can only be supported with deep pockets and huge numbers of passengers passing through the tunnel. Finland and Estonia are hardly candidates for such projects being small an highly indebted countries.

As the original article stated, there are no long tunnels built under the sea that have been built on time and within budget during the last 70 years! Just look at the most recent tunnels for railways and traffic in the UK (HS2 “spiralling costs”) and USA (Boston’s Big Dig went from €2 billion to €14 billion).

We have plenty of energy efficient ferries to carry passengers and freight for decades to come, but it would be lovely to have a good tunnel if the EU agrees to cover the total cost and let passengers and freight travel for free. But that looks rather far-fetched…

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