Classic Statements from Our Great Geriatric Leaders

Prime Minister Netanyahu (71 years old) said following Bennett’s address – (Naftali Bennet is one opposition leader in Israel), “Bennett has committed the fraud of the century. His empty words have transferred votes from the right to the left — the only thing he cares about is being prime minister…”

President Vladimir Putin (68 years old) said that opposition leader Alexei Navalny, “…was Washington’s pick for the Russian presidency, which was why the United States had complained about Navalny not being allowed to run for office.

President Alexander Lukashenko (66 years old), speaking about the hi-jacking of the journalist Roman Protasevich,  “In our estimation, the methods of attacking us by outsiders and in the country have changed. They have crossed the red line many times and crossed the boundaries of common sense and human morality.”

All three men have been holding on to their offices for decades and appear to prefer to keep the job even though their work can hardly be described as exemplary. All have indulged in killing and work of extreme cruelty against their own people at home and against others in places outside their boundaries. 

One be must be very concerned that the USA has been supporting Israel politically and with weapons. Their great generosity towards Israel is still not matched by any significant support for healing the wounds between Israel and its Arab population…

The other two men respectively running Russia and Belarus have also indulged in killing and work of extreme cruelty against their own people and against others in places outside their own countries. Their behaviour is criminal in the extreme and there is little wonder that ordinary people are on the streets demanding reforms. Opposition leaders have been murdered by a state apparatus at home and abroad, and every time these leaders claim innocence or justify their actions by ridiculous statements as shown above. 

In one sense you can understand that they must hang on to power to stay outside prison where they really belong, but from the outside their justifications for such actions are as convincing as those of teenage school bullies. Trump (74 years old) called them “strong men”, but he was wrong as usual – these desperately pitiful men, who are old enough to know better, surround themselves with ruthless solders and murderers to keep intruders at bay. 

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