Clean Cosmetics from Finnish Bark

Sustainability is a crucial demand from consumers, especially among young generations. This statement is especially true for cosmetics with a history of negative publicity related to animal testing and the use of chemical ingredients.

The Finnish start-up Innomost has developed a raw material for the cosmetic industry based solely on renewable materials. The raw material is birch bark, entirely free from plastics and palm oil.

“Birch bark is used for various purposes including dry shampoos, skin exfoliating creams, and products designed to remove impurities,” says Innomost’s founder and CEO Sami Selkälä, according to Kemiamedia.

Innomost offers the cosmetics industry ingredients that are biodegradable and renewable. The ingredients, based on birch bark, are vegan, and free from gluten and allergens.

Sami Selkälä sees possibilities also in several other sectors. Innomost also focuses on other industries that could replace harmful raw materials in their products. Potential applications could be found in the chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and food industries.

Innomost was founded in 2016 and Metsä Spring invested in the company in 2021. Innomost is setting up a pilot plant in Kokkola, Finland. Metsä Spring’s parent company, Metsä Group, will provide Innomost with birch bark from several of its mills.


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